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Best Beats First

Of all the new economy's supposed "rules," the notion that nothing is as important as being first to reach scale may be the most widely accepted. It's also wrong.

Built to Flip

Fast Company
A battle is under way for the new economy. Which side are you on?

Fear Not

"Change or die," say many of the experts. "The reason to get better is that bad things will happen to you if you don't." Is that kind of fear a good motivator? Not for long.

Few Hot Internet Companies Are Built to Last

USA Today
Only a small fraction of today's Internet companies will become powerful pistons in the economic engine of society.

How Great Companies Tame Technology

In 1997, I conducted a research interview with Ken Iverson, the CEO who led Nucor from obscurity into becoming the most profitable steel company in America.

The Most Creative Product Ever

The next wave of enduring great companies will be built not by technical or product visionaries, but by social visionaries—those who see their company and how it operates as their ultimate creation, and who invent entirely new ways of organizing human effort and creativity.

Old Economy Companies Learn New Economy Tricks

USA Today
The belief that "new economy" companies will annihilate all "old economy" companies has been replaced with a more realistic view.

The Silicon Valley Paradigm and Why It Won

The Red Herring--Technology and Investing Monthly and Stanford Business Magazine
Jim Collins compares two Silicon Valley business models.

Sometimes a Great Notion

A surprising number of companies we consider great today did not start out with a compelling idea for a product or service.