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If you need help to find your core values and core purpose, it may be time to consider a “Mars Group.”

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It’s not what You make, it’s what You stand for.
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How can you tell if you have a good BHAG?
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The foundation of all ideas generated by Jim and the Chimps is supported by years of research.
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What is the difference between a bad BHAG and a good BHAG?

Bad BHAGs are set with bravado; good BHAGs are set with understanding. Indeed, when you combine quiet understanding of the three circles with the audacity of a BHAG you get a powerful, almost magical mix.

Five criteria of a good BHAG:

  1. Are set with understanding, not bravado.
  2. Fit squarely in the three circles of your Hedgehog Concept.
  3. Have a long time frame—10 to 30 years.
  4. Are clear, compelling and easy to grasp.
  5. Directly reflect your core values and core purpose.

The Mars group can ensure that you have a good BHAG, not
a bad BHAG.

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