by Jim Collins and Bill Lazier
November 2020
When Bill Lazier and I wrote the original edition of Beyond Entrepreneurship, based on the course we taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, we set out to create a road map for leaders in a small business or mid-sized enterprise who want to build an enduring great company.

Beyond Entrepreneurship became a Silicon Valley bestseller and influenced a generation of founding entrepreneurs, such as Reed Hastings of Netflix. And even though it was my first book, some still return to it as their favorite.

When Bill passed away, I knew that I had to write something to honor the greatest mentor in my life. What better tribute than a memorial edition and ambitious upgrade of the book we created together?

BE 2.0 is much more than a traditional re-release. Nearly half the material in BE 2.0 is entirely new to the 2020 edition. My 2020 perspectives sit alongside the original text, complementing the foundational lessons of Beyond Entrepreneurship with four new chapters and fifteen new essays.

Throughout, BE 2.0 remains true to the original vision Bill and I had for the book: to be a conceptual map and practical guide. I even included a culminating chapter that integrates the key concepts from my decades of research on what makes great companies tick into one comprehensive, actionable framework that I call The Map.

Most important, BE 2.0 extends the legacy of Bill Lazier. BE 2.0 begins where it should, with the life lessons I learned from Bill, so that his mentorship can carry on through you and those you lead.

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