20 Mile March

Video Transcript

What's your 20 Mile March? What's your 20 Mile March that you will set out to hit with great consistency and tremendous urgency, no matter what the storms are, no matter what's happening in your world, no matter what's happening in your industry, no matter what's happening around you, so that you will drive yourself with urgency? What is your march?

These companies knew the answer. They knew what their march was, whether it was 20-percent growth or being profitable every year or doubling computing power. But you've got to have your 20 Mile March. Then the key is that becomes the mechanism by which you impose the discipline of progress in a world that is out of your control. It is a way to exert a sense of self-control in a world that is out of control.

Never confuse urgency with short-sightedness. They're opposite. You have to ask yourself, “What do we need to do today to hit our 20 Mile March today and also every single year for the next twenty-five years?”


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