Can My Hedgehog Concept Help Provide Satisfaction with My Current Work?

Audio Transcript

Regarding the personal three circles, a question that often comes up is, “How do I fit this with the fact that maybe I’ve made the commitment to a particular organization?” 

The answer is this. Finding your three circles is ultimately about finding what the right seat on the bus is for you and migrating toward that. You’re going to be of the best service to whatever organization you’ve committed yourself if you’re actually in a seat that is aligned with what you’re passionate about, what you’re genetically constructed for, and what you can do that adds value to the organization.  

So, you use the same basic three-circles question, except instead of the bottom-right circle —because I presume that you’re getting paid for being part of this organization, so it’s not a question of how I can get paid; that’s probably taken care of. The question in the bottom-right circle then changes to, “What are the things that I can do that could add significant value to this organization, that would be real, tangible contributions?” 

So, then the three circles for the right seat on the bus for you become what seat would I be passionate about, what seat would I be genetically encoded for, and what seat would be something where I could make a significant and positive contribution to the value of this enterprise?

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